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Our outstanding Total Care Ownership Coverage includes:

tick 5-year/100,000 km – Worry-free comprehensive warranty covering virtually the entire vehicle.*

tick 5-year/100,000 km – Powertrain Warranty covering the engine, transmission, axles, differentials and driveshafts.*

tick 1-year/20,000 km – First-year adjustments covering consumable items such as bulbs, wiper blades, fuses, brake pads, etc.*

tick 8-year/130,000 km – Major Emission Components that guarantee that the car will conform with government emission regulations.*

tick 5 year/ unlimited mileage – 24/7 roadside Assistance covers you in case of mechanical breakdown.

tick 8-year / 160,000 kms Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, Electric Vehicle (EV) Components

Warranty and Consumer Information Manual

The Warranty and Consumer Information Manual provides important information on all warranties regarding your vehicle model year. Kia Canada’s Manufacturers Defect Warranty includes New Vehicle Limited Warranty, Powertrain Limited Warranty, Limited Warranty Covering Perforation from Corrosion and Emission Control System Warranty. If your vehicle is equipped with an audio system, you will also have a Kia Integrated Audio Systems Manual explaining its operation. We urge you to read these publications carefully and follow the recommendations to help assure enjoyable and safe operation of your Kia vehicle.

Kia offers a great variety of options, components and features for its various models. Therefore, the equipment described in this manual, along with the various illustrations, may not all be applicable to your particular vehicle. The information and specifications included in these manuals were accurate at the time of printing. Kia Motors reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications or design at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation. If you have any questions, always check with your Kia Dealer.

We assure you of our continuing interest in your motoring pleasure and satisfaction in your Kia vehicle.

Please choose the appropriate manual below for the model year of your vehicle:

Premium Warranty Manual 2012 Manual 2005 Manual
2018 Manual 2011 Manual 2004 Manual
2017 Manual 2010 Manual 2003 Manual
2016 Manual 2009 Manual 2002 Manual
2015 Manual 2008 Manual 2001 Manual
2014 Manual 2007 Manual 2000 Manual
2013 Manual 2006 Manual
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